12 мая 2016 г.

Готовимся к экзамену!

Напишите ответ на письмо своему англоговорящему другу Alice! 60-90 слов!

… My older brother has got a new hobby – he has become a mountain biker. I know that mountain biking is a dangerous kind of sport and I worry about him. I would like him to spend more time at home. I wish he had chosen a safer entertainment…

…What indoor sports are most popular with teenagers in your country? Why do teenagers often do extreme sports? What kind of sport is your favourite?

Готовимся к экзамену!

Задание 1. Раскройте скобки, чтобы получилась правильная грамматическая форма слова.
When __________________(THEY) first son was born, Simon Dale’s wife, Jasmine, said: “I wish we __________________(LIVE) in the country. It would be so good for the baby”. However, the __________________(NOT/HAVE) enough money to buy or rent a house in the country so they decided to take matters into their own hands. The house __________________(BUILD) by Simon himself, with a bit of help from his friends. The result was impressive. The home is made from natural materials, such as wood, stone and mud. It uses solar panels for energy and its water __________________(COME) from a nearby spring. It took Simon four months to complete his fairytale home. He managed to create a modern wooden eco-home – one of the __________________(WONDERFUL) houses you can imagine. Simon Dale said, “I __________________(START) working on a new house of the same eco-style. My __________________(TWO) house will be smarter than the first one. My son __________________(BE) five now and I hope to celebrate his tenth birthday in a new house.”
Задание 2.
Stonehenge is an ancient monument in south-west England. For me, it’s the __________________(INTERESTING) place I’ve ever visited. I clearly remember my __________________(ONE) visit to Stonehenge with my aunt and uncle. They lived nearby and I often __________________(GO) to stay with them in my summer holidays. On the day of __________________(WE) trip the weather was fine. There __________________(BE) a cool wind blowing, the sun was
bright in the sky and Stonehenge looked calm and magical. In those days it was possible to walk among the stones and even touch them. It's very different now. Stonehenge __________________(BECOME) more crowded than it was. As a result, now people __________________(ALLOW) to walk around the monument but they can’t come up very close to it. Today I wish I __________________(HAVE) an opportunity to get inside the circle again but unfortunately it is not possible any more. The Stonehenge mystery is still unexplained but I believe scientists __________________(SOLVE) it in the near future.
Задание 3.
Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood were our neighbours. They had two __________________(CHILD). Their son Michael __________________(NOT/DIFFER) from the other children very much but their daughter Matilda was a brilliant child. By the time she was five, Matilda was able to read very well. She studied every magazine and newspaper that she __________________(CAN) find around the house. Actually, she read __________________(WELL) than most school pupils. One afternoon when the parents were out of the house, Matilda put on __________________(SHE) dress and shoes and went to the library. The librarian was surprised to see such a small child. "Are you here for the __________________(ONE) time? Would you like me to find a nice book with lots of pictures for you?" she asked. “No, thank you, I __________________(FIND) what I need,” answered Matilda and pointed to a thick book of fairy tales. Then she added, “I __________________(COME) for a new book as soon as I finish this one”. The librarian was really shocked when she saw Matilda only two days later.
“I wish all children __________________(LIKE) reading so much,” the librarian said. From that day on Matilda went to the library every afternoon.
Задание 4.
Dana Miller was a bus driver in the city of Philadelphia. Her working hours __________________(BE) from 10.00 pm till 6:00 am. It was a hard job and very few __________________(WOMAN) worked as bus drivers in those days but Dana loved her job very much. One of her regular passengers was a guitar player. Every Friday night he got on the bus carrying his guitar. The guitar __________________(MAKE) of wood, not plastic and Dana liked the way it sounded. “You should come to see our show,” the guitarist kept saying to Dana.
“I __________________(SEE) it one day,” Dana promised each time, but she never said when exactly she __________________(GO). Another passenger who often used Dana’s bus was a Biscuit Lady. She worked at the biscuit factory and often __________________(GIVE) Dana a small bag of biscuits. Dana __________________(NOT/LIKE) sweets and pastries very much but she could never resist those biscuits — they were so fresh and tasty. “How was your night?” Dana’s husband liked to ask __________________(SHE) when she came home.

“Good music, good food and a great view of the city,” she cheerfully answered. “I wish I __________________(ENJOY) my work as much as you enjoy yours,” her husband said, “ but I’m going to have just another boring day at the office.”

7 мая 2016 г.

Готовимся к экзамену!

Задание на словообразование.
Задание 1.
   Most schoolchildren don’t have drama lessons at school. Drama should have
23.  more _______________ because it can help young people both in                IMPORTANT
24. _______________ and in life.                                                                          EDUCATE
25. Drama is important for schoolchildren in lots of ways. It is a very __________    PRACTICE
26. subject: children learn ______________ through actions.                                         DIRECT

Задание 2.
23.  Last week I walked past an old – fashioned ______________ . It was full of        BAKE
24. ______________ cakes. I would like to taste them all and I made a small           DELICACY
25. ______________ in my mind.                                                                                    SELECT
26. Imagine my _________________  when I pushed the door and found it was    DISAPPOINT
Задание 3.
Every year the world goes dark for one hour, the Earth Hour. The event is organised by the __________________(NATION) World Wildlife Fund. At tourist destinations, in offices and private homes, lights are switched off for one hour at __________________(EXACT) 8:00 pm. The idea is to show that our planet is in danger and it needs care and __________________(PROTECT). It's __________________(POSSIBLE) to remain indifferent to changes in the climate which go on and on. The Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity. It’s about realising that we live on a __________________(WONDER) planet and need to look after it — not just for an hour a year but every day. The Earth Hour is a part of an __________________(ECOLOGY) education whose aim is to make people understand their responsibility to the planet.
Задание 4.
The city of St Davids is situated on the south-west coast of Wales. If you're looking for an __________________(USUAL) place to go, this is your destination. It was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II but in reality St Davids looks like an __________________(ATTRACT) small village. It is actually the smallest city in Britain with a __________________(POPULATE) of just over 1,600. St Davids has a __________________(BEAUTY) medieval cathedral which dates back to the 12th century. Today it is a __________________(CHARM) place with narrow streets filled with cafes, hotels and art galleries — but only one pub! St Davids is famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. Whitesands Bay is a regular __________________(WIN) of the prestigious European Blue Flag award.

Задание 5.
Millions of people want to learn English. There are lots of __________________4.1(DIFFER) methods and the main problem is how to choose the best one. Some people believe that the most __________________4.2(EFFECT) way is to study English in Britain or in any other English-speaking country. The advantage of going to Britain seems obvious. Everyone around you speaks English. It’s practically __________________4.3(POSSIBLE) to avoid communication, so you’ll learn English __________________4.4(QUICK). On the other hand, one can learn English at home. There are lots of possibilities there too: a good __________________4.5(TEACH), a language school or an on-line course. There are many ways to get a good language __________________4.6(EDUCATE) now.

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