7 мая 2016 г.

Готовимся к экзамену!

Задание на словообразование.
Задание 1.
   Most schoolchildren don’t have drama lessons at school. Drama should have
23.  more _______________ because it can help young people both in                IMPORTANT
24. _______________ and in life.                                                                          EDUCATE
25. Drama is important for schoolchildren in lots of ways. It is a very __________    PRACTICE
26. subject: children learn ______________ through actions.                                         DIRECT

Задание 2.
23.  Last week I walked past an old – fashioned ______________ . It was full of        BAKE
24. ______________ cakes. I would like to taste them all and I made a small           DELICACY
25. ______________ in my mind.                                                                                    SELECT
26. Imagine my _________________  when I pushed the door and found it was    DISAPPOINT
Задание 3.
Every year the world goes dark for one hour, the Earth Hour. The event is organised by the __________________(NATION) World Wildlife Fund. At tourist destinations, in offices and private homes, lights are switched off for one hour at __________________(EXACT) 8:00 pm. The idea is to show that our planet is in danger and it needs care and __________________(PROTECT). It's __________________(POSSIBLE) to remain indifferent to changes in the climate which go on and on. The Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity. It’s about realising that we live on a __________________(WONDER) planet and need to look after it — not just for an hour a year but every day. The Earth Hour is a part of an __________________(ECOLOGY) education whose aim is to make people understand their responsibility to the planet.
Задание 4.
The city of St Davids is situated on the south-west coast of Wales. If you're looking for an __________________(USUAL) place to go, this is your destination. It was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II but in reality St Davids looks like an __________________(ATTRACT) small village. It is actually the smallest city in Britain with a __________________(POPULATE) of just over 1,600. St Davids has a __________________(BEAUTY) medieval cathedral which dates back to the 12th century. Today it is a __________________(CHARM) place with narrow streets filled with cafes, hotels and art galleries — but only one pub! St Davids is famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. Whitesands Bay is a regular __________________(WIN) of the prestigious European Blue Flag award.

Задание 5.
Millions of people want to learn English. There are lots of __________________4.1(DIFFER) methods and the main problem is how to choose the best one. Some people believe that the most __________________4.2(EFFECT) way is to study English in Britain or in any other English-speaking country. The advantage of going to Britain seems obvious. Everyone around you speaks English. It’s practically __________________4.3(POSSIBLE) to avoid communication, so you’ll learn English __________________4.4(QUICK). On the other hand, one can learn English at home. There are lots of possibilities there too: a good __________________4.5(TEACH), a language school or an on-line course. There are many ways to get a good language __________________4.6(EDUCATE) now.

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