20 октября 2015 г.

Correct the mistakes!!!

  • Have you ever be to London?
  • They haven’t got dinner at 7 o’clock.
  •  I don’t never drink coffee in the morning.
  •  What your telephone number?
  •  We going to play chess this afternoon.
  •  This computer was made by Japan.
  •  She is a bank manager, doesn’t she?
  • They come in Italy.
  • I’m preferring to buy clothes in boutiques.
  • How many cheese you add in this dish?
  • We talked when the telephone rang.
  • Do you ever tried weird food?
  • She has finished cooking before we came.
  •  How much dollars you spend a week?
  • Who does play the violin?
  • I was going to fly to NY next month.
  • They doesn’t enjoy loud parties.
  • It gets dark.
  • What you mean?
  • I’m not understanding the plan.
  • The soup smell really good.
  • She has win the prize.
  • How many it costs?
  • I’m thinking he is a very intelligent boy.
  •  It often raining in Autumn.
  • Look! The children play outdoors.
  • I’m a busy teacher, am In’t.
  • She is wanting to improve her pronunciation.
  •  I’ve be waiting you at the station.

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